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A Little Something About Mary

I’m a full-time bean counter with a passion for travel and photography.  My family and I take every opportunity we can to hop on the road or in the air and explore some place new.  I’ve reached all 7 continents, and hope this website inspires you to do the same!


My enthusiasm for photography started post-college,  with limited equipment and capabilities.  I continue to develop a more keen eye to get the right shot at the right time and am now re-stocked with a full-frame DSLR, new lenses, and a camera drone.  Watch for new content soon! 


Feel free to message me with those moments that inspire you or with your own travel experiences.  I'd love to learn from you as well as provide any insights I can to help you on your way. Check out my Instagram for more content and my Blog for the stories behind the pictures.  Thank you for visiting

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