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Cherry Blossoms In Full Bloom

“Get the money shot!” My husband wished me well as I left at 5:30am to catch DC’s famed cherry blossoms at sunrise. Although I didn’t get the shot I intended, I left feeling quite happy. There was so much joy at the Tidal Basin - celebrations of love, anniversaries, engagements, friendships, families, new babies, life - amidst the vibrant pink backdrop and historic memorials.

Old traditions were honored and new ones took root. A couple continued their 24-year long tradition of a sunrise picnic at peak bloom. They refined this tradition over time such that it grew to a small banquet; dressing an ordinary park bench with a plaid table cloth, a vase of fresh flowers, champagne flutes, and an amazing spread of food placed on china. This couple was fully present in the moment - enjoying each other and the scene taking place before them. A young family with 5-year old twin boys started a similar tradition of coffee and donuts. I wonder how their tradition in its infancy will evolve over time?!

Well-dressed families came equipped with personal photographers, hoping to capture a memory or two for their albums. Photographers’ assistants danced and sang choruses of Baby Shark to make the little ones cooperate…I mean smile!

The morning was truly spectacular. So much so that I came back for sunset, bringing my husband and 4-year old son this time. My son was a bit oblivious to the cherry blossoms, as throwing rocks in water trumps most things!

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